Bali Private Tour Package With Guide Driver And Adventure

Bali Private Tour Package With Guide Driver And Adventure – Bali is a wonderful island located in Indonesia Archipelago. Island of Gods, Island of Paradise, and many other nick names was created to describe the beauty of Bali. There is a reason why this place was having varieties of names. The unique culture, strong religious view and tradition, beautiful land, warm and welcome attitude of the locals were giving impression of a paradise land with religious Hinduism believe with countless number of Temples inside. The concept of driving with private service that our company offer has plenty of trip itinerary as a recommendation for those who does not have an idea of what they are going to see here. Most of the trip itinerary we compile will giving both cultural and natural environment visit to ensure the guest will have a knowledge of what we are famous for but it does not mean that we are strict about the plan. For the tourist who has a plan on visiting us also may discuss further about their interest and plan with us and we are very flexible to organize the journey based on their request. Come to join us in exploring Island of Paradise and “Carving Your Memorable Moments”.


Bali Private Tour Package With Guide Driver And Adventure Product Details

Bali private tour package with guide driver and adventure product details for option of activity you can do during your stay in Island of Paradise. Please see below options:

Bali Private Tour Package With Guide Driver And Adventure Benefits

Bali private tour package with guide driver and adventure benefits you will get if you book us.
We Are Professional Balinese Driver,
We Know How To Make A Great Trip In Bali

General Information Of Our Product Details

Now we are going to explain a bit information of our products that we offer to our clients. As a tour company, the first product we offer to our clients is the local tour. Each of the tour itinerary we recommend to the guest is based on the location of sites we are going to visit. The reason why we arrange the itinerary based on their location is for maximizing the time that our clients has during their holiday in Bali. Even though we already offered a tour itinerary recommendation, we also will be very happy if they have any special or specific places they would like to visit. In our local tour recommendation page, we have 5 different trip suggestions. The first trip suggestion is Kintamani Trip. Kintamani Trip is designed perfectly for tourists who are come to Bali for the first time or who are not having a general idea of our island yet. This trip is the combination of arts, cultural and beautiful nature sites that focused in the middle of the island so it is very interesting even for those who has come to our island for several times.
Uluwatu Trip is design for those who loved to do an activity around the beach area all the day long. Combination of sea water sport activities, beautiful white sandy beach, on the cliff Temple with exotic sunset views, amazing traditional dance performance, romantic candle light seafood dinner on the sand will fill up our excitement of the day.
Ubud Trip is an option which is concern in Ubud area. Half of this journey is similar with Kintamani trip which is combine arts, culture, and beauty nature for the itinerary. The differences is from the main attraction of both journey which this trip will concern in center of Ubud area that consist of monkey forest, royal family palace, and traditional market.
Tanah Lot - Uluwatu Journey - Visit most famous Temple of Dang Hyang Nirartha Journey in Bali. Start with Tanah Lot Temple, the Temple of Land and Sea, located in Tabanan Regency, together with Batu Bolong Temple in the same area. Unique landscape of both Temples is become one of the most favorite tourist attraction in Bali. Exotic Padang – Padang Beach in the middle of the tour is the intermezzo before visiting Uluwatu Temple for the sunset where Dang Hyang Nirartha reach “Moksa”. Kecak and Fire Dance performance at will accompany you while seeing wonderful sunset at Uluwatu Temple. Finish the day with Seafood Romantic Dinner at Jimbaran Beach to complete the lovely journey.
Bedugul Journey is designed for the visitors who is specifically more interested in nature beauty than the cultural side even though there are some sites in the trip itinerary which has cultural side but still that tourist destination is more famous for its view than its cultural and historical side. For example Ulun Danu Bratan Temple which is one of the iconic cultural sites but it more famous for its view that becomes previous picture on our IDR 50.000 notes. Most of the trip is focused in Bedugul Mountain area in Tabanan Regency. The journey will consist of Temples, Waterfalls, Lakes, Mountain Side, Rice Terrace, and Botanical Garden. This is trip you do not want to miss if you are very interested in our nature beauty.
Adventure activities is also available in our island. As a top tourist destination, Island of Paradise has never stop to develop its potential. A wonderful environmental sites will become a waste if we are only come to have a picture around them. Complex landscape and wonderful sea giving us a chance to exploit the nature as Bali adventure playground without ruining its beauty. On land activities, we have volcano mountain trekking taking place at Batur and Agung Volcano Mountain, fresh water river rafting taking place at Ayung and Telaga Waja River, fun cycling at Ubud and Jatiluwih area, and many more exciting activities and games.
Ocean Water Sports mostly taking place at Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dusa area. On the sea water, Bali Water Sports has varieties of fun and exciting games to play. You can try jet skiing, parasailing, banana boat, donut boat, surfing, and many others. To explore under sea water area we can do diving, snorkeling, and ocean walker. We also provide very good price for those who will play 3 or more games and of course we offers some fix package with a great price.
Combination Package is a combination of one adventure activity with sightseeing itinerary of the sites nearby. The purpose of the combination package is to have an adventurous activity and visiting some interesting tourist sites after the activity is finished. For the pricing of combination package, we do all inclusive price which means you only need to pay all at once and do not need to worry about any extra payment. It would make your holiday budgeting simple and efficient. In the combination package we combine the sunrise trekking and white river rafting activities with some sites around Ubud and Kintamani area. For the dolphin hunt we will combine with Bedugul trip destinations due we are passing by that routes when we are going back to Denpasar area.

What You Get If You Book Us

The benefit for you if you book us is necessary. In every business are always have many competitors. What makes you will choose us among many other tour operators? Below we will give you what the benefit if you give your trust in our company.
We offer Bali Private Driver Service. To maintain guest satisfaction and guest understanding of our culture during the trip, our company as a Bali Island Tour operator provide Bali Private Driver to accompany the customer. We will do private driving service which means that you will not sharing the same vehicle with other groups or parties. Having a private driver service on your journey is very beneficial. The local driver we choose to join our team is a trustworthy and reliable person. We are willing to maintain guest safety and satisfaction as the main target in doing the tour and hospitality business. The main important point in using our personalized service is about to understand the cultural side of our lifestyle and custom. Plenty of tourist came to our place and see a lot of things that unique for them but most of them are not understand the real meaning and purpose of the local tradition either because of they have no body to explain them or their driver as the guide not explain them nicely. To avoid that issues, we only selecting a professional local people that understand our cultural tradition in order to give our customer the best understanding they could get on the journey and satisfy their demands of local knowledge. Other than that aspect, our team member also can give you any additional recommendation of what could they do and explore in Island of Gods.
We are Trustworthy and Reliable. Sit back relax, that is all you need to do. While other guest is confused of planning and many arrangement for the activity they would like to have in Bali, our clients will be very relax in their preparation. They only need to contact us and we are pleased to arrange the transportation even start from you were just landed in our hometown. When you are going out from the arrival gate at airport, we will be the first who will welcoming in Bali. We are always maintaining our client trust and we will do all we can to keep them satisfied with our services. We are more than happy to accompany you start from your arrival, during your stay, and drive you back to airport for saying goodbye.
Our offer is Good Value For Good Money. Meanwhile other companies are busy to offers you cheaper price it may looked, even though actually at the ends you maybe pay more, we are not giving you a price that may trick you. If you looked more details of the price and the inclusion than you will understand that what we offer is way much better anybody else. Even if you only book us for the hourly car charter basis, you will get a VIP service from us. Local Balinese private driver with fluent English, air conditioned and comfort private vehicle, mineral supply during your journey, no need to spend extra money for car petrol and car parking fee because it is already included in our price. Somebody else may seem offer you slightly cheaper price, but could be shared with other guests, plenty of extra spending during the trip, and many other things you could not imagine. What we offer you? Good Value For Good Money as we offer service, not price.

What Is Bali Famous For?

“Paradise” is a perfect word to describe the beauty of our nature. We live in a small island with combination of volcanic mountainous landscape and exotic beaches surrounded. Our place is located on the line of Asian volcanic ring which means that all of the mountains exist here is volcanic mountain but based on the history on Mount Batur and Mount Agung that has been erupted in the past. The eruptions left a positive impact for the land that made the soil is really good for farming. You will see wide range of green area on the mountain side with varieties of plantation that grow nicely. The green hill side areas are maintained very well by the local as their farm and have plenty of interesting sites you might interested in. Gitgit at Bedugul, Sekumpul at Sawan, and Tegenungan at Ubud are only some of beautiful waterfalls with fresh water flows in their stream that show we have many water spring sources scattered all over the island. The springs provides enough water supply for the farming activity that allow us to maintain the nature. Tegallalang at Ubud and Jatiluwih at Tabanan are examples of our unique rice farming with terraces system that supported by the good water supply. On the sea shore, we have black sandy beaches from Middle East to North up until Middle West side of the island. From the Middle West to South up until Middle East side we have beautiful and exotic white sandy beaches. Some of the beach are wide flat sand area such as Seminyak, Kuta, and Jimbaran Beach. Some rocky beaches hidden under the cliff which even more like the other world also exist such as Padang – Padang, Blue Point, and Uluwatu Beach. In term of physical looks, “The Island of Paradise” is the perfect holiday destination.
“Warm and Friendly”, that is local Balinese people was famous for. Our daily lifestyle is more into social interaction and helping each other on any occasion of event is our tradition which still being practiced up until nowadays. We were born naturally with high sociality and were being told that social life is the best lifestyle to live with. That is the reason the Balinese people were very warm, friendly, and welcome to everybody who come here just for visit or stay for longer time does not matter from where they are, what skin color they have, or what language are they speaking. The warm, friendly, and welcome attitude of locals also the key point in supporting tourism and hospitality industry which become the main industry of the local people. You will feels just like home when you were welcomed and well threatened in here.
“Religious with Unique Culture and Tradition” is the main part of Balinese life that attract the attention of tourists from around the globe. The religious views and local culture of Bali was influenced by Hinduism that came from India long time ago and become the religion of the most population in the island. More than 80% local Balinese are Hindus. Hinduism were accepted as the local main religion with the local cultural which believe in the power of their ancestor. Development of the religion and local culture goes on by the time so nowadays the Hinduism in Bali has quite different ways of practicing the rituals if we compared to the Hinduism in India, where it was coming from. As the main religion of the people, Hindu has countless number of Temples built all over the areas. More of them are the family Temples, main Temples, and the rest are more specific Temples built based on specific history of the areas or any specific purposes. Besakih, Tirta Empul, Gunung Kawi, Uluwatu, and Tanah Lot Temple are some popular Temples built based on specific purposes and history which means they are only exist in one place and not having any similarity with other Temples in other areas. Other than many Temples, Hinduism also having many name of Gods based on their manifestation and duties let say Brahma, Wisnu, and Siwa which the most popular names of our Gods but basically we only have one main God we called “Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa”. Based on the fact above, it is not a coincidence that our island has been called as “Island of Gods” and “Island of Thousand Temples”.
“Tri Hita Karana” is one of the concept and strong doctrine among the local based on Hinduism in Bali. The concept of “Tri Hita Karana” in general means three relations of the human that should be maintained very well in order to achieve a peaceful life. The concept teach us the connection between human and the God that called “Parhyangan”, connection between human with other human or social life that called “Pawongan”, and connection between human and the environment that called “Palemahan”. Three general facts mentioned previously above about the religious and tradition, people’s friendly and welcome attitude, and the beauty nature of Island of Paradise are the real implementation of “Tri Hita Karana” concept. With the real implementation of the concept makes it as a nature, social, and cultural tourist destination that worth and must to visit in your life time.
The cultural development in Island of Gods also developed in their arts product that they use in daily life. Let’s take “Batik” as an example. Batik is a traditional process of making design on the fabric for the clothes and ceremony uniform of the locals. The process of making Batik are combining the waxing and painting technique to produce high class masterpiece and UNESCO was granted Indonesian Batik as “Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Herritage of Humanity” together with “Keris”, our traditional medium size sword. Other interesting local arts product that you might see here are authentic Balinese painting, silver and gold jewelry, stone and wooden carving. Those kind of art products also become an interesting attraction for the visitor because they are not only see the final product but we invite you to see with your own eyes the process of making each type of arts. By watching the local artisan producing their masterpiece we encourage our guest to have a better appreciation of the local handmade masterpiece that we used a lot in daily life.