Bali Private Tour Package – Our company offers Bali Private Tour Service concept. We have plenty of trip recommendation of what you are going to see here. Most of the trip itinerary we compile will giving both cultural and natural environment visit. It is to ensure the guest will have a knowledge of what we are famous for. But it does not mean that we are strict about the plan. For the tourist who has a itinerary plan, we also please to follow their request. Come to join us in exploring Island of Paradise and “Carving Your Memorable Moments”.


Bali Private Tour Product Details


Sightseeing Tour

Now we are going to explain a bit information of our products that we offer to our clients. As a tour company, the first product we offer to our clients is the local tour. Each of the tour itinerary we recommend to the guest is based on the location of sites. The reason is to maximize the time that our clients has during their holiday in Bali. We are suggesting some trip itinerary for recommendation only. We also will be very happy if they have any special or specific places they would like to visit.

Bali Private Tour Adventure Activities

Adventure activities is also available in our island. As a top tourist destination, Island of Paradise has never stop to develop its potential. Complex landscape and wonderful sea giving us a chance to exploit the nature. And of course without ruining its beauty. On land we have several activities. Such as volcano mountain trekking taking place at Batur and Agung Volcano Mountain. Fresh water river rafting taking place at Ayung and Telaga Waja River. And also fun cycling at Ubud and Jatiluwih area, and many more exciting activities and games.

Bali Water Sport Activities

Ocean Water Sports mostly taking place at Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dusa area. On the sea water, Bali Water Sports has varieties of fun and exciting games to play. You can try jet skiing, parasailing, banana boat, donut boat, surfing, and many others. To explore under sea water area we can do diving, snorkeling, and ocean walker. We also provide very good price for those who will play 3 or more games. And of course we offers some fix package with a great price.

Bali Private Tour Combination Package

Combination Package is a combination of one adventure activity with sightseeing itinerary of the sites nearby. We do all inclusive price. It means you only need to pay all at once and do not need to worry about any extra payment. It would make your holiday budgeting simple and efficient. In the combination package we combine the sunrise trekking with some sites around Ubud and Kintamani area. White river rafting also can be combine with Ubud or Kintamani sightseeing trip. For the dolphin hunt we will combine with Bedugul trip. Destinations are on the routes when we are going back to Denpasar area.

Bali Private Tour Benefits

The benefit for you if you book us is necessary. In every business are always have many competitors. What makes you will choose us among many other tour operators? Below we will give you what the benefit if you give your trust in our company.

Bali Private Tour Service

We offer Bali Private Tour Service. Our company always maintain guest satisfaction and guest understanding of our culture during the trip. So our company provide Bali Private Driver to accompany the customer. We will do private driving service. It means that you will not sharing the same vehicle with other groups or parties. Having a private driver service on your journey is very beneficial. The local driver we choose to join our team is a trustworthy and reliable person. We are willing to maintain guest safety and satisfaction as the main target in doing the tour and hospitality business.

You need to know the important point in using our personalized service. It is about to understand the cultural side of our lifestyle and custom. Plenty of tourist came to our place and see a lot of things that unique for them. But most of them are not understand the real meaning and purpose of the local tradition. Either because of they have no body to explain them or their driver as the guide not explain them nicely. To avoid that issues, we only selecting a professional local people to be our driver. Local driver that understand our cultural tradition gives our customer the best understanding they could get on the journey. It also satisfy their demands of local knowledge. Other than that aspect, our team member also can give you any additional recommendation. They may suggest what could you do and explore in Island of Gods.

Trustworthy and Reliable

We are Trustworthy and Reliable. Sit back relax, that is all you need to do. When you arrived, we will be the first who will welcoming you in Bali. We are always maintaining our client trust. At the same time we will do all we can to keep them satisfied with our services. Our driver are more than happy to accompany you start from your arrival. We also accompany you during your stay. And Of course we will drive you back to airport for saying goodbye.

Good Value For Good Money

Meanwhile other companies are busy to offers you cheaper price it may looked, even though probably you pay more. We are not giving you a price that may trick you. But if you looked more details of the price and inclusion than you will understand. What we offer is way much better anybody else. Even if you only book us for the hourly car charter basis, you will get a VIP service from us. What we offer you? Our service, not price.

We Are Professional Balinese Driver,
We Know How To Make A Great Trip In Bali