Bali Silver Gold Jewelry made in Celuk Village is famous as high quality jewelry. The popularity of their quality also spread out to the tourist. And it attracts many tourists in Bali to come to Celuk Village to see the workshop directly as part of the visit. And of course they buy some as souvenirs. They buy the local jewelry product in Celuk for some reasons. First reason, of course it is because of the quality of the jewelry made in here. The quality of silver or gold from this village is categorize as high quality jewelry and they are the best in the island. They have authentic and wonderful handmade design.


Second reason is because tourist can visit their workshop. Visiting the silver and goldsmith workshop is a nice attraction for visitor. Basically they have more knowledge and information about jewelry and its process. Once the visitor is attracted with the workshop, they will not have any doubt to spend their money for the products.

Third reason is because of some people would like to have souvenirs from Bali that has function. In this case, they can wear the jewelry that they bought from Celuk Village and show them to their friends. Having a wonderful jewelry that you bought during your vacation is one of the proofs that you are visiting our island.

Bali Silver Gold Jewelry In Celuk Village

Bali Silver Gold Jewelry workshop and galleries can be found all over Celuk Village. The silver and goldsmith in this village has a long history in jewelry making. Most of the smith from this village has skill from their family. The skill and technique of jewelry making has been passed down from old generation to the next generation. And jewelry making is the main business of local villagers here. No wonder that you can find plenty of workshop and galleries in this village. If you are doing Ubud Tour Itinerary or Kintamani Tour Itinerary, you are passing by this village. And it is unfortunate if you not stop by to see this attractive jewelry workshop.

Other Balinese Arts You May Find Nearby

Other than Bali Silver Gold Jewelry, you may also find other interesting traditional arts nearby Celuk. Such as Batik, Traditional Balinese Painting, Wood and Stone Carving. Interesting fact about this area is each villages here focus on one type of arts. Such as Celuk Village for jewelry, Tohpati Village for Batik, Mas and Kemenuh Village for Wood Carving, Batuan and Lod Tunduh Village for painting. All of artist in those villages mostly has arts history in their family. If you want to visit those art workshops, contact Bagus Tour Service for Bali Private Tour visiting that area. If you are interested, our Bali tour driver will take you to the good quality gallery and workshop.