Batik handmade Bali at Tohpati Village well known as the high quality batik. And Batik also Balinese art in the Island of God as local culture. It is an art masterpiece of making design with waxing technique on the fabric. Word “Batik” comes from word “Tik” in Indonesian Language. Word “Tik” means spot or dot on the fabric. So the basic meaning of Batik is making a design on the leader by putting some spot or dot on the leather. The unique thing about this local art is the process making that using wax. They use wax to cover the part of the fabric that you do not want to have color. Before we inform you about the process of making Batik, we should know about the tools and equipment first.BATIK HANDMADE BALI AT TOHPATI VILLAGE

Batik Handmade Bali At Tohpati Village Material And Tools

Batik Handmade Bali Material And Tools. Before we discuss further about the process of making Batik, we need to know what we need to prepare for making Batik. Such as:

Fabric is the material we need for the canvas. The fabric types used for Batik are cotton or silk. Cotton is for the lower quality and silk is for the high quality of Batik.

Color is to make the pattern on the fabric.

Wax is for covering the area of fabric that will not colored.

Pencil for drawing the basic sketch on the fabric.

Canting is the tools to put the melted wax onto the area of fabric that will not colored. It has variety size of hole at the edge based on how detail the design.

Paintbrush is for spreading the color onto the fabric or the canvas.

Stove and pan is for melting the wax.

Pot is for the hot water that required to removing the wax.

Batik Handmade Bali Making Process

Batik Handmade Bali Making Process – First of all, we need to prepare all the equipment and material that stated above. In the beginning of the process, we have to draw the sketch on the fabric using pencil. The basic sketch is very important for the handmade batik for design and it will affect all the process ahead. We will put the wax on the sketch line. And after that, we continue to covering the area that will not have color. If first waxing is complete, we are swapping the color all over the fabric. To remove the wax, we will wash the fabric with boiling water.


After the first coloring step done and there is no wax, you can see the result. The area that has wax previously will not have color on it. Now we continue to the second coloring. The coloring process of Batik depends on how many colors we use. Starts from the second coloring, the difficulties is higher. You have to decide which area will have new color. And then which area should be combination of new and the previous color. Also which are will you keep without any color yet. The step is the same over and over until it finish. More color and mixing of color, more steps you have to do.

Other Batik Technique

There is another Batik technique which is “Stamp Batik”. Stamp Batik is much more simple and faster to finish. It only need the “Stamp” tools to put the wax on the fabric. Then it will have completely same design all over the material. Stamp Batik is very efficient for mass product because it will make perfectly the same design. But, Stamp Batik product only consist of 2 colors. Which are the canvas background color and the second color you put on it.

UNESCO has choose Indonesian Batik as “Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” on October 2nd, 2009. Nowadays, the Batik industries in Tohpati Village is not only making Batik as the product. But they also become cultural tourist attractions for the tourist that wants to know how to make Batik. If you are willing to see the process of Batik, you may visit this village while doing Kintamani Tour Itinerary or Ubud Tour Itinerary. Bagus Tour Service provide Bali Private Tour that can offer you Bali Tour Driver to visit this village.