Tanah Lot Uluwatu Tour Itinerary is focus on the West side of Bali. This tour is following religious journey of Dang Hyang Nirartha and visit some of exotic beaches. Start with Tanah Lot Temple, the Temple of Land and Sea, located in Tabanan Regency. And also together with Batu Bolong Temple in the same area. Unique landscape of both Temples become one of the most favorite tourist attraction in Bali. Exotic Padang – Padang Beach in the middle of the tour is the intermezzo before visiting Uluwatu Temple. We visit this Temple for the sunset where the priest reach “Moksa”. Kecak and Fire Dance performance at will accompany you while seeing wonderful sunset at Uluwatu Temple. Finish the day with Seafood Romantic Dinner at Jimbaran Beach to complete the lovely journey. Please see Bali Tour Itinerary of Tanah Lot Uluwatu Trip for further details.

Seafood Dinner At Jimbaran

Romantic Seafood Dinner At Jimbaran

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Tour Itinerary Recommendation Details:

  • Tanah Lot Temple
  • Padang – Padang Beach at Uluwatu
  • Sunset at Uluwatu Temple
  • Kecak Dance at Uluwatu Temple
  • Romantic Dinner with Seafood at Jimbaran
  • Pick up time around 9.00 am based on your Hotel location
  • Above Tanah Lot Uluwatu Tour itinerary recommendation is a suggestion only. So you may discuss further and customize the plan based on you interest.

Tanah Lot Uluwatu Tour Itinerary starts with visiting Tanah Lot Temple in Beraban Village, Tabanan Regency with our Bali tour driver. This Temple is one of iconic tourist sites in Bali. This is where we will start to follow the religious journey of Dang Hyang Nirartha. After finish our visit at Tanah Lot Temple, we are going to South West Bali. And we climb up the Uluwatu Hill to visit beautiful white sandy beach. And one of them is Padang – Padang Beach. You might swim or just laying down on the sand to have sun tanning for your skin. Meanwhile we also waiting for nice time to visit Uluwatu Temple.

Nice time to depart from Padang – Padang Beach is at 4.45 pm to reach the next destination at 5.00pm. We are going to explore the Uluwatu start from 5 pm and buy ticket for Kecak Dance ticket at 5.30pm. The performance will start at 6 pm but seating arrangement is random and it is first come first serve. So we recommend to enter the stage at 5.30 pm. It is to make sure that you get the best spot to watch the performance. Finish one hour attraction, we will heading to Jimbaran Beach area to have the romantic dinner. The dinner with seafood menu is really nice to end our lovely day.

Tanah Lot Uluwatu Tour Price

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Information Of Each Tanah Lot Uluwatu Tour Itinerary Destinations:

Tanah Lot Temple is located at Beraban Village, Tabanan Regency. This Temple is situated separately with the mainland in the middle of the Ocean. Due to its unique location combined with the wonderful views during the sunset time, this Temple becomes one of the tourism icon in Bali. Tanah Lot comes from word “Tanah” means land and “Lot” means sea. So it means Temple of the Land and Sea. The history of the this Hindus Holy place began when “Dang Hyang Nirartha” from Majapahit Kingdom in East Java was having “Dharma Yatra” or religious journey to spread and maintaining the bond of Hinduism in Bali.

Most of his journey is taking place on the middle to south west parts of the Island. When he arrived at Beraban Village, he saw a unique Cliffside which shaped like a bird and do a meditation on it for a several times. Local Beraban villagers who saw his wisdom and strong will on meditation started to follow him and implemented his doctrine of Hinduism. Did not satisfied of the things going on, leader of the village was pushing him to leave the village. To encounter the force of the village leader, Dang Hyang Nirartha moved the cliff he used to do meditation at to the middle of the ocean and command the sea water snakes to be its guardian.

After seeing the power of Dang Hyang Nirartha, leader of the village admit his loses and commit to follow his doctrine as well. Finished to apply his Hinduism doctrine at Beraban Village, Dang Hyang Nirartha continue his journey to South West side of the island and “Moksa” or rest in peace at Uluwatu Temple.

Beaches In Uluwatu Area

Padang – Padang is one of wonderful beach located in Uluwatu area. It beautifully located under the cliff and to enter the sites you have to passing through a natural cliff tunnel so the location looked like secretly hidden. Clear blue sea water with white sandy beach is waiting for the tourist to amaze its beauty. Other beach around also nice to visit such as Blue Point, Dream Land, and Balangan beach.

Main Destination of Uluwatu Tour

Uluwatu Temple is one of the Sad Kahyangan Temple which is important temple in the island. It made on 1032 – 1036 year by Mpu Kuturan, during the dynasty of King Sri Haji Marakata. Later on during dynasty of King Dalem Waturenggong, Dang Hyang Nirartha whom made Tanah Lot Temple passed away in this temple and reach Moksa, the highest level of death that we believe will not do any reincarnation anymore and blessed to become one with the God itself. It was built to show gratitude of King’s ancestor in the past. And later on also to pray to Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, Hindu’s God, as Rudra. It is beautifully located on the top of the Uluwatu Cliff edge, 70 meters above the sea levels. With that high location we can have nice and clear sunset view from there.

Balinese Dance Performance Inside The Temple

Kecak and fire dance is a traditional theatrical dance performance with background of famous Ramayana story in Hindu. In general you can say the story is Hindu’s Romeo and Juliet story. The story begin with King named Rama that winning a competition to marry beautiful princess named Shinta. Due to his handsome and wisdom as a King, Shinta also fall in love with Rama. And she commit to become a loyal wife for Rama. Even though they are married because of Rama winning the competition. They rule the kingdom wisely and have a happy marriage. Then Rahwana, a bad King from other kingdom, see the beauty of Shinta. Especially because she has a similar looks with his former queen.

He kidnap Shinta and took her to his kingdom hoping she will become his new queen. After realized what is happen to his queen, Rama send his almighty white monkey general named Hanoman to track Shinta and give her a special ring as a promise to bring her back home. Just after Hanoman found Shinta and hand over the ring, he was trapped by Rahwana’s soldier. Due to his almighty power, he can escape and going on rampage to kill the soldier that guarding him.

After bring back the report to Rama, they together advance the kingdom army to fight Rahwana Kingdom. To reach that kingdom, the soldiers of monkey made stone bridge over the seas lead by Hanoman and his brother Sugriwa, red monkey general. Rahwana is a very strong King with his beast looked body. And need combination power of Rama, Laksmana (Rama’s assistant), Sugriwa, and Hanoman to defeat him. At the ends Hanoman are able to launch his great final attack to kill Rahwana.

Last Itinerary Of The Day

Romantic Seafood Dinner at Jimbaran Beach is a great to finish the journey of the day. Famous for their local fisherman, Jimbaran area always having fresh and live seafood options for the customer. Plenty of seafood café situated alongside the beach you might choose to have dinner with your partner or family. Accompanied by live acoustic performance and some Balinese dance will improve the dinner atmosphere become more romantic.

Tanah Lot Uluwatu Tour Itinerary Recommendation by Bali Private Tour