Tirta Empul Temple At Tampaksiring Gianyar is the most popular Holy Spring Temple in Bali. Local people used to do Melukat Ritual with the holy water in this Temple. TIRTA EMPUL TEMPLE AT TAMPAKSIRING GIANYARIt is located at Manukaya Village, Tampaksiring, Gianyar. Due to its location, we can visit this site during Ubud Tour Itinerary. Or you can visit it with Kintamani Tour Itinerary. Both tours consist of this site due to its uniqueness and very interesting to visit. This temple is one of the unique Temple in Bali with its Holy Spring. It also has legendary tale of the fight between God of Indra and Evil Mayadenawa King.

Tirta Empul Temple At Tampaksiring Gianyar Mythology

Tirta Empul Temple Mythology. The Holy Spring Temple in Tampaksiring has a famous legend. The legend is about the fight between God of Indra and Evil Mayadenawa King. Mayadenawa King has a special power which allow him to appear and disappear as he likes. Due to his power, he considered himself as a God. He also not allow the people to pray to the real God. He also doing a lot of cruel things in his life.

God of Indra is famous as the Leader of all Gods in the war. He do not like what has Mayadenawa King done in the world. With the army of the Gods, God of Indra fights Mayadenawa King. Mayadenawa King is losing the battle and runaway to the Northern area of where the Tirta Empul located now. To escape from the Indra’s army, Mayadenawa created poisoned water spring around the mountain area. Once Indra’s army and the people drink the water, they ill and numerous people dead. God of Indra stroke the land and creating another water spring inside the Tirta Empul Temple. It is to neutralized the poisonous water and healing the people. At the end of the fight, Mayadenawa lost and he just disappeared. Nobody knows either he is still alive or dead.

On years of 962, Tirta Empul Temple built surrounding the area of the Holy Spring created by God of Indra. Rajasimha Warmadewa King that ruling all over Bali on that time built the Temple. He build the temple to shows his gratitude to God of Indra.

Tirta Empul Temple At Tampaksiring Gianyar As Tourist Destination

Tirta Empul Temple At Tampaksiring As Tourist Destination. Due to its unique legend, numerous of people coming to this Temple. You may also see “Melukat Ritual” or spiritual cleaning with the Holy Water. Tirta Empul Temple also attract the attention of the tourist that visit Bali Island. Many Bali Tour Itinerary recommend the tourist to visit this site. During Bali Tour Itinerary that consist of visiting this Holy Spring Temple, they also may visit Tegallalang Rice Terrace, Gunung Kawi Temple, and Kintamani area to have the wonderful views of Batur Volcano and Lake. Bali Private Tour has been promoted by the tour operator in Bali. Bagus Tour Service provide you Bali tour driver to accompany your journey in Bali.