Bali ATV ride adventure is an exciting activity to exploring jungle area with riding ATV Quad Bike. The base of the vehicle is motorcycle type but having 4 big wheels on feet. It is built to explore wild jungle area with off road style looks. The tire used for the vehicle is shaped like tractors vehicle to be able to ride in the mud area. There is nothing better to fulfill your adventurous spirit with riding the quad bike through the off road jungle routes.

Bali ATV Ride Adventure

Bali ATV Ride

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Bali ATV Ride Adventure Itinerary

Itinerary Details:

  • Hotel pick up around 7.00 – 8.00 am by our team member (based on your hotel location)
  • Arrived at ATV start and finish point
  • Registration for insurance
  • Safety equipment installation
  • Technical instruction by the instructor
  • Start the ATV ride
  • Finish the activity at back to the start point
  • Clothes changing
  • Lunch with buffet menu
  • Going back to hotel

Bali ATV ride adventure itinerary will be started with pick up from your hotel by our Bali tour driver and the pickup is PRIVATE with NO SHARING with other guest. It will take around 2 hours driving from Denpasar area to reach the ATV start point. When we reached the start point, we need to fill up the registration form for the insurance cover purpose. Then, we need to wear the safety equipment such as knee protector, helmet, and etc. Before we start, the professional instructor will give a technical instruction on how to drive the vehicle and the difficulties of the routes. And now it is the time for Adventure! After finished the activity, we need to change our clothes and have buffet lunch provided by the company afterwards. Finished with everything, we are heading back to your hotel.

Other sites around Bali ATV Ride location you might interested to visit:


Batik making at Tohpati Village has been well known as the best Batik production is the island. Names of Batik itself comes from word “tik” that means “dot” or “spot” on the fabric. It is called Batik because of the making process is putting some dots on the fabric to make a certain design. The process of handmade Batik is quite long to be finished. The have to start with making the design layout using a pencil on the fabric then put wax on the design and left only some area that will be filled by certain color. After the first coloring done and dried completely, they will remove the wax by wash it with hot water.

To do the second coloring, the will cover the parts that has been colored with wax and also the area that will not having the second color to left the area that will be colored by second color. The steps will be repeated over and over depends on how many color they are using for each product. Due to its uniqueness and complicated steps, UNESCO has been awarded Batik as “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” on October 2009.

Silver and Gold Jewelry Making

Celuk Village is the center of Silver and Gold Jewelry production in Bali. Most of the jewelry made in Bali was coming from this village. Local villagers here mostly become Silversmith and Goldsmith and they have been doing this business for centuries. As the main business of the village, you may see jewelry galleries and workshop along the way and the interesting part is we are allowed to watch the local silversmith and goldsmith making their products in the workshop.

Traditional Painting

Balinese Paintings has its own uniqueness compared with other styles of painting in the world. Most of the traditional Balinese paintings are taking background of legendary stories of Hindu (because Hindu is the main local people’s religion in Bali), our daily traditional ritual, and daily activities of local. A painting made by famous painting artists will have their own certificate of originality published by its painter and only painter with skillful and well famous popularity are allowed to publish the certificate of originality by the government.

Wood Carving

Wood Carving is the type of arts that combined with things which has important use in our daily life. Local people love to have traditional house, wooden home furniture, and building of the temple even the royal family palace here will having traditional carving style and we are very proud of it. No place better than Mas Village to find out the way of the wood carver crafting their masterpiece that later on will be used by the locals.

Ubud Center Area

Ubud Monkey Forest is a jungle as the living place of Balinese Long Tailed monkeys or Macaca fascicularis. Due to its popularity, the forest is visited by over than 10,000 tourists a month so the monkeys are used to have contact with people. You may buy bunch of bananas inside which the favorite food and feed the monkeys. They are ignore people who are not intend to feed them and very friendly most the time. There are several things you need to avoid with them such as direct eye contact, touch them, and reach their babies. It may leads them to become aggressive and dangerous.

Ubud Palace located exactly in the center of the area and there is a traditional market in front of it. The traditional market location in the past should be located near by the royal family palace so the royal family that manage the government system in the past can control the economy activities that happen. Nowadays in Indonesia, government system is using Presidential system so the Royal Family is no longer taking care of the government system but for the local people, the royal family still have power in their cultural aspect such as ceremony of the village, social activities, and etc. Tourists that come here can visit some parts of the palace to see our unique and authentic architecture of Balinese building.

Luwak Coffee Plantation

You can find Luwak coffee plantation all over Bali. They will give a short farm tour about our local plantation, spices products, especially famous Luwak Coffee. Luwak Coffee produced from coffee beans found inside Luwak’s poop because the Luwak animal has a great sense of choosing coffee bean and will only eat the best quality ones. The process inside the Luwak stomach won’t damage the coffee bean but reducing the level of caffeine in the coffee. The process also change the taste of coffee produced later on. Other than Luwak coffee, you might also tasting other local spices such as lemongrass tea, ginger tea, mangos teen tea, Robusta coffee, Arabica coffee, coconut coffee, and etc.

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