Adventure tours Bali is option to spend your holiday time in Paradise Island. Several activities in adventure category are available in here. Such as river rafting, ATV ride, volcano sunrise trekking, dolphin hunt with camera, and etc. Adventure activity is suitable for tourist that has high spirit. And also it is suitable for those who love adrenaline rush. It is very exciting if you are taking one or maybe several activities during your holiday. If you are interested, our Bali tour driver will be pleased to take you there.


Adventure Tours Bali Options

There are several adventure tours Bali options for the tourist. For example around the beach area, they can do Bali water sports. Ocean water games is taking place at Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua. There are a lot of water games you might try in one place. Such as parasailing, diving, ocean walking, and etc. It is full of fun beach day if you try this option.

In Uluwatu area, you may try paragliding. Paragliding is kind of parachuting but you start from the high cliff instead of jumping from the plane. Uluwatu is a limestone hill with high cliff as its border. And also it is facing to the Indian Ocean directly. The wind that blows at the cliff edge of this area is strong enough to blow the parachute. But it needs an expert to control and navigate the parachute during paragliding. So you will do tandem with the paragliding instructor.

Others than ocean water sport, there is another water activity which is river rafting. River rafting is exploring river water stream with rubber boat. You need river that has good water stream and also challenging to do rafting. River such as Telaga Waja and Ayung is really good place to dorafting. Ayung river is located in Ubud meanwhile Telaga Waja river is located in Karangasem.

At the mountain area, volcano mountain trekking is very popular among the adventurer in Bali. Volcano trekking is usually at the very early morning. It is because the tourist wants to have sunrise view from the mountain top. We have 2 volcano mountains in Bali such as Batur and Agung Mountain.

Adventure Tours Bali Company

For doing adventure tours, you need to contact adventure company. Or you can also book through some agencies that has contract with the company. You can contact Bagus Tour Service as Bali Private Tour agent. We provide all the adventure activity that available in Island of Paradise.