Bali Tour And Travel is company in Island of Paradise that offer trip and adventure activity. This recommendation is for the tourist that visit Bali during holiday. Bali has a high popularity as the tourist destination in the world. The popularity of Bali has a great influence for the local economic growth. The tourism industry has become the main economy source of the island. Bali Tour And Travel

Many anthropologist and western tourist came here to see the collaboration of our unique cultural and beauty of our nature. Since then and once Indonesia independent, popularity of Bali Island even more increased and we develop our own business in tourism industry. With the development of tourism industry in Bali, many company that born for the tourism needs such as Hotel, Villa, Restaurant, Tour and Travel Company, Activity Operator, and etc.

Bali Tour and Travel is one of the company types that support the tourist needs during visiting Island of Gods. This type of company is focused in arrange the tour and guest activity during stay in Bali with Bali tour driver. Some tour and travel organizer also having some contract with Hotel, Restaurant, or activity provider. So they can organized the guest need by giving some package that may include place of stay, transportation for the guest, and activity options.

Bali Tour And Travel Product Offer

Bali Tour And Travel Product Offer – As Tour and Travel Company, their main product that offered to the guest is the Bali Tour Itinerary to visit interesting tourist object in Island of Gods. The tourist object that exist in Bali divided into 2 types in general. The tourist object types are cultural sites and beauty nature sites. Both types of tourist object has their own interesting and unique side.

Cultural side of Bali is the main tourism attraction due to its authenticity. Every part of the world has their own culture. And the cultural side of Bali seems attract a lot of tourist attention. Not like other part of Indonesia which has more than half Muslim population. Bali Island has more than 80% Hindus from the total of the local population. This fact of course has a great influence in religious and daily life of the local people. The Hinduism in Bali is having quiet big differences with where it was coming from which is from India. The basic of the believe is still the same. But how the ritual in daily life and the ceremony held that blended produce own uniqueness.

From the historical development of Hinduism in Bali, plenty of Hindus Temple was made all over the island. Some of them also categorized as unique Temple which has no exactly the same types of Temple in other areas. Most of the Hindus Temple that become a tourist object is the unique Temple. It has specific purposes, historical, and uniqueness.

Cultural Sites In Bali

For example Besakih, Tirta Empul, Lempuyang, Gunung Kawi, Goa Lawah, Goa Gajah, Uluwatu, Tanah Lot, and Ulun Danu Bratan Temple. The countless number of Hindus Temple here is the reason why Bali called Island of Thousand Temples. Other popular names of Bali is Island of Gods due plenty of God names in Hinduism. Other attractive cultural side for the tourist are the local art product and their making process.

Island of Paradise is another Bali popular nickname. The name was coming from the beauty of Balinese nature. Bali Island is located in tropical area. The climate in here is only having 2 different seasons which are summer and rainy seasons. Tropical place is the favorite holiday destinations for the tourist around the globe. The visitors love to have sun bathing, exploring mountain area, and having sunset view on the beach. Bali has all of those environment criteria to be a top holiday destinations. The famous beauty nature sites in Bali are waterfalls, volcano mountain, lakes, exotic beaches, and Balinese traditional rice terraces system.

Activity Options

Bali Adventure Activities also a product that commonly offered by the Tour and Travel in Bali for the guest who are seeking for exciting and a bit dangerous activities to do during their holiday. The adventure activity is basically exploring the beauty of the nature with more exciting ways. And normally it will take longer time than normal visit. There are some popular activities that offered by most tour company in Bali. Such as trekking, Dolphin Sightseeing, ATV Ride, River Rafting, and etc.

Bali Water Sport Activities is basically adventure activities as well but due it has many varieties of ocean games at the same place, this activities offered as the separate product. The ocean water sport games is taking location at Tanjung Benoa Beach, Nusa Dua. It is in the southern part of the island side by side with Uluwatu Hill.

Bali Tour And Travel Combination Activity Program

Bali Tour And Travel Combination Activity Program – The tourist that visit Bali has limited time during their holiday. For those tourist that has very short travelling time in Bali but wish to cover both day trip visit to tourist object and adventurous activity may consider to take Bali Combination Tour Package. Bali combination tour package is an activity itinerary with combination one or two adventure activities. And then it followed by sightseeing trip afterwards. The best way to arrange is choosing the activities and destinations that located in the same area.

Ubud Tour and Kintamani Tour is focused in the close distance location. Both tour can be combined with ATV Ride, Rafting at Ayung River, and Volcano Sunrise Trekking at Batur Mountain. Dolphin Sightseeing is taking Lovina Beach for the location on the North side of the island. On the way back you may do Bedugul Tour for the rest of the day. Trekking at Agung Mountain and Rafting at Telaga Waja River is in the North East side of the island. So you may combine the trip with Karangasem Tour. Water sport activities is available at Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua. It is very close by with Uluwatu Hill so you may combine the activities with Uluwatu Tour afterwards.