Bali Tour

Bali tour industry has a long history. It has been chosen as a spiritual destination even after pre-historic era ended. This island has been well famous for cultural and religious journey. Rsi Markendya, first priest that brought Hinduism and Buddhism believes here choose this island as destination of his spiritual journey. On his trip, he made up Besakih Temple as the center of Hindu in here. Warmadewa Dynasty that ruled by Udayana Warmadewa also supports the spiritual and religious activities introduced by Rsi Markendya. They even invited more priests to come. The success of Hindu – Buddha Kingdom, Majapahit, conquering Indonesian Archipelago including Bali make the Hinduism even more stronger.  The blend of local culture and spiritual activity makes the local life more complex and unique.

During the colonial age in Indonesia, Netherland was doing invasion in Indonesia. They are looking for farm products and spices that became the first trading commodity and this country has them all. On 1579, Cornelis de Houtman which is one of the leaders of Dutchman was interested with our island due to its fertile soil, farming activity, and cultural uniqueness. In order to get the farm products and spices we had here, they were committing to colonialized our land and people. After long fights, our people losing the war and taken under control by the Dutch in 1908. Since it was conquered by the Dutch, they also discovered our unique local culture. It made our land more open for the foreign visitors as well. Those visitors are interested with our unique cultural including spiritual and religious life.

To accommodate the tourist comes in our island, in 1930 the first Hotel was built in Denpasar area with colonial architecture. During the same time, some artists from Peliatan Village – Ubud were chosen as Tourism Ambassador to take a trip to Europe and America. That trip is for the advertisement for the western country to show that Bali is a nice and welcome for the tourist to visit. Due to its beauty mixed with wonderful culture, by the time we have many names for our island such as Island of Gods, Island of Thousand Temples, the Morning of the World, etc.

Between 1942 – 1945, the tourism industry here has been shut down due to the World War II and it was re-opened and re-established in middle of 1950’s. Even though from the beginning Bali was famous for the cultural and religious side for the tourism, now we also developed the environmental and nature side of Bali.

Bali tour itinerary

Bali tour itinerary in current days becomes one of the popular business in our island due to it has big chances to grow and develop. Many new tourism sites and attractions make Bali tour activities have more options to sell to guest that visit Bali. There are many options of Adventure activities and Water Sport that they can do while having holiday in here.

Bali tour itinerary recommendation

Bali tour itinerary recommendation that provide by some tour provider in here, mostly presented popular sites that focused in one area of the island. The guest only need to choose which options of Bali tour itinerary recommendation that they want to be visit during their stay in Bali.

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