Bali trekking trip is one of Bali adventure activities that popular in the island. The activity will consist of exploring our nature beauty sites such as Volcano Mountain or rice field. The most popular trekking is Batur Volcano Sunrise Trekking. The site that we are going to explore is Batur Mountain. Batur is one of UNESCO Geopark in Indonesia. This mountain has elevation at 1,717 meters above sea water level. It is the third highest mountain in Bali. There is another mountain that also famous for sunrise trekking which is Agung Mountain. Agung Mountain is the highest mountain in Bali. It will take around 4 hours walk from the bottom of the mountain to reach the top.

Bali Trekking Trip at Batur Volcano


Bali trekking trip at Batur Volcano will start in the middle of the night. We need to depart from hotel around 2 am with our Bali tour driver. From Denpasar area, it will take about 2 hours drive to reach the start point. First of all, we have to register to get a local and professional trekking guide. We need the guide so we will not get lost on the way to the top mountain. In the other hand, guide also will make sure our safety during the journey. After the registration is finish, then we need to do warm up before start to climb up. It is important things before we start to do heavy adventure to avoid any muscle injuries. And also, warm up before doing trekking will make you more confident.

Because we start climb up when it still dark, we also need to bring torch. Our visibility will not as good as on the day time. And also, there are a lot of hard and sharp lava rocks around the walk path. So it is very dangerous if not using torch. To reach the mountain top, it will take around 2 hours. On the top we will have wonderful sunrise with Agung Mountain background. And underneath, the Batur lake is reflecting the sun shine. It is a heartwarming experience for sure.

Bali Trekking Trip Package

There are a lot of Bali Trekking Trip Package you can choose. Bali Private Tour companies such as Bagus Tour Service also offer Bali Combination Tour Package with trekking activity you can choose. You can do trekking only if you want. Or you may also combine it with Bali Tour Itinerary for sightseeing.