Bali Water Sports Nusa Dua is a popular adventure activity in the ocean water area for the tourist that visit Island of Paradise during their holiday time. As a top destination for the tourist during their holiday, Bali has developed to become a very complex tourist destination. Almost all the exciting activity for the tourist is available in this island.

Bali Water Sports Nusa DuaBali Water Sports Nusa Dua is one of the popular water activity. The location of the activity is only 15 minute drive to the South from the airport. The location that is very close to the city center will be an advantage to do this activities. We do not need to waste much time on the way to reach our destination. Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua also is a nice beach with long wide white sandy beach area with calm water that enable us to do the ocean water sport games.

Bali Water Sports Nusa Dua Game Options

Bali Water Sports Nusa Dua Game Options – There are many options of ocean games that we may choose for the day. All that games is very exciting and pumping up our adrenaline. The safety equipment for the ocean games also very nice. The insurance company has issue the insurance cover for all the ocean games due the safety equipment provided has been fulfill the standard from the insurance company. So no worries about the safety of each water games you may choose.


Regular Parasailing is kind of parachuting but we started from the beach sand area instead jumping off from the plane. The parachute that we wear is connected to a boat with very strong rope. The boat will dragging us with high speed and assisted by the strong wind in the beach area to blows the parachute. Once the boat start to drag us, the parachute will take us flying in the sky. For the landing process, we need to pull one of the right or the left rope to change the direction of the parachute and some staff already stand by to catch you upon the landing process and make sure you are not having any injuries during landing to the beach. They will dragging us 1 round the beach area and it is amazing experience.

Parasailing Adventure is the development of the regular parasailing. The basic is the same but we will start the activity in the middle of ocean water. There is a pontoon that has been prepared in the middle of the ocean for the starting and landing point of adventure parasailing. For this activity, you just connected to the parachute and the rope to the boat from above the pontoon. The wind power in the middle of the ocean is strong enough to blow the parachute and make it fly to the sky so it is rarely needed the boat to drag you around. On the landing proses is much easier as well, the boat will just drag the rope back and you just need to focus land your feet on the pontoon without being slip over.

Banana Boat

Banana Boat is a long shaped rubber boat that looked like banana. The guest will sit on the boat and holding on to the holder on the boat. Another fast boat already connected with the banana boat and drag it around. The wave from the fast boat is the challenge to take on and it is very exciting especially when the guest on the banana boat is felling off from it. Even some people requested harder challenge that can make them felling off from the banana boat.

Jet Ski

Jet Ski is very popular ocean water activity. Basically it is riding motorcycle on the water this one has no brake at all. It using handling and seating system just like the motorcycle. The engine of the Jet Ski suck the water from the front side and blows it away to the rear side when the throttle pulled by the rider.

Fly Fish

Fly Fish is a rubber boat that shaped like a kite with wide surface. The wide shape blows by the wind will fly it off from the water. To get enough wind blows, it is connected to a fast boat that drag the boat around the water. We will tide on the back side or above the boat if it is not flying yet and there is one instructor will stand in the middle to maintain the balance and direction of the boat when it is in the air.

Donut Boat

Donut Boat is having exactly the same basic principle like banana boat. But the differences are the shape of the boat is round and the guest will seat next to each other instead of lining up from the front to the back like the banana boat and there is smaller chances to fell off from the boat.

Turtle Island

Visiting Turtle Island is also very interesting thing to do especially if you are an animal lover. We are going to visit a very small island where the Turtles making the eggs on the marriage seasons. The government also make a conservation center in this small island. It is to assist and increase the chance of the Turtles to survive. We need to take a boat to reach this island and we will using a glass bottom boat to get there. Along the way, we may enjoy the view of beautiful underwater life from inside the boat. This is one of the most favorite Bali water sports Nusa Dua activity.

Diving and Snorkeling

Ocean Snorkeling is the swimming activity and dive into low level of ocean deep with snorkel equipment. The snorkel equipment enabling us to save a few oxygen that we take from above the water level. It may last for 1 or 2 minutes only so we could not dive too deep into ocean but it is still very exciting.

Ocean Diving is the next level of snorkeling. Ocean diving will use full diving equipment such as fish foot fin on our feet, oxygen tank on our back, oxygen pipe that supply the  oxygen from the tank to our mouth, and swimsuit. The diving will require a good breathing technique to maintain our respiration under the water.

Power Dive is the development of Ocean Diving. All the technique and equipment needed is the same like Ocean Diving. But for Power Dive we will not bring the Oxygen Tank on our back. The oxygen pipe is connected directly from our mouth to the oxygen supply on the boat above the water. So we can move easier during the underwater exploration.

Ocean Walker is another version of underwater exploration. Ocean Walker is suitable for those who do not have any swimming skill and underwater breathing techniques. An ordinary people even a child can do this activity because we will wearing a big glass helmet. It looked like astronaut helmet that make us breathing like on the normal situation. The helmet also setup in heavy weight so it will make us going deep to the ocean floor area. We will not do any swim but walk on the ocean floor while enjoying the underwater life.


Jetpack is the brand new activity. It categorized as the most difficult ocean games but very challenging. For this game, we needed a Jet Ski and a tool that attached on our foot. Jet Ski throttle pulled and it suck the water. It will blows the water out from the jetpack tools on our feet. The power of blowing water on our feet is enough to make us flying above the water level. A good balance is required when we flying and you may do some awesome tricks above the water.

Bali Water Sports Nusa Dua Combined With Uluwatu Tour

Bali Water Sports Nusa Dua Combined With Uluwatu Tour – If you have a short holiday time but would like to do both adventure activity and some visit into interesting sites, you consider to take Bali Combination Tour Package. The combination tour package will arrange an adventure activity and then followed by visiting tourist destination nearby. For Bali water sports Nusa Dua, you may combine it with day trip of Uluwatu Tour because it is located in the same area.

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