Jungle ATV Bali is playing ATV quad bike in the middle of jungle or forest area. This activity is part of Bali Adventure Activities. Sometimes the tourist is also combining this activity with sightseeing tour nearby the location with our Bali tour driver. You just simply choose Bali Tour Itinerary that is focus on the same location with the ATV ride. First of all, we need to know about the vehicle we use for this activity.


ATV is four wheel vehicles with motorbike handling system. This vehicle is using off road track tires type. The function of this typical tire is to get more grips in the slippery and muddy track. Not only muddy track, we also will cross the river. The base of the vehicle itself is like off road car but in smaller dimension. But instead of having steering wheel, it using motorcycle handle for the steering. It has more stability rather than motocross because it has four wheels.

Jungle ATV Bali Itinerary

First of all, we will start with hotel pick up and heading to the activity provider office. Usually the office also will be the start and finish point of the activity. Pick up arrangement has 2 options you may choose such as private or sharing pick up service. Private pickup service is available based on the request and also take additional charge. It will give you more privacy and you are heading directly without taking other group of guest. On the other hand, sharing pick up is usually included in the price so there is no additional charge for the service.

If you arrive at the start point, you need to do short registration and payment. The registration also needed for the insurance cover. Insurance cover is very important for any adventure activity. Finish with the registration, we will do preparation. For example changing clothes, warm up, and also wearing safety equipment. Safety equipment we need to wear such as helmet, knee and elbow protector, and life jacket. Before we ride the ATV, the instructor will give us short introduction about the vehicle. He also will inform us how to operate the vehicle such as how to accelerate, to brake, and etc. Then it is time for the jungle exploration. After finish the activity we will enjoy the lunch at the finish point.

Combination Of Jungle ATV Bali and Sightseeing Tour

Jungle ATV Bali Itinerary is not taking the whole day. There is plenty of time left of the day. We can maximize the time left with other itinerary such as river rafting or sightseeing trip. You may find out some Bali holiday deals from the offer of tour company such as Bagus Tour Service. We are Bali Private Tour company that provide both sightseeing and adventure tours.