Most Incredible And Beautiful Diving Spot In Bali Island

Diving Spot In Bali – Talking about tourism in Bali will never ends. Most popular tourism aspect in Bali is the beach and culture. Not only the beach, but the beauty of underwater view of Balinese sea is also amazing. So no wonder Bali become one of the most favorite snorkeling and diving spot in the world. Our article this time will be discussing about the best diving location in Bali.

Most Incredible And Beautiful Diving Spot In Bali Island

Pemuteran Area Diving Spot In Bali Island

Pemuteran area has wonderful sea sites. It is also popular as the place for coral captivity and research area. The underwater view of the biggest coral area in Bali makes this site becomes so special. Most of the divers will be amazed by Napoleon Reef which is the diving spot that has soft reef and beautiful branches reef. Others than that, the divers can see unique under water sea lives such as mini sea horses.

Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua

This tourist destination is one of the most popular diving spot in Bali. Even though this location is for beginner diver, it is always have a lot of tourist that comes here. They come to enjoy the underwater sea view of Tanjung Benoa. Not only famous for diving spot, this place also famous for the best water sport activities in Bali. One of the most interesting activities you may do here is Sea Walker. Sea Walker is a lot more easier activity rather than diving to enjoy underwater view. By doing sea walker, the tourist do not need to learn how to use snorkel or diving equipment. Even they do not need to swim at all. They will be drawn to the bottom of the sea with special sea walker helmet that allows them to breath normally like on the ground.

Nusa Penida Island In Klungkung Regency

After Tanjung Benoa, the best diving spot in Bali is located in smaller island called Nusa Penida. The diving location in Nusa Penida is more for the pro divers because the underwater current in this location is quite strong. There are many diving spot in Nusa Penida that is very popular. The famous spot for diving are Malibu Point, Crystal Bay, and Gamat Bay. The divers may meet several fish such as Mola – Mola, Dori, Nemo, Marlyn, and etc.

Menjangan Island

Menjangan Island is part of West Bali National Park. This diving spot in Bali is surrounded by both small and large coral types. The coral area is the habitat for turtle, snapper, sea eel, and also bat fish. The interesting thing is the coral area is located very close to the sea shore. The divers may explore deeper to see coral and huge sea fan. Some diving spot in Menjangan Island such as Prapat Agung, Teluk Terima, Bakungan, and Klatakan.

Tulamben and Amed in Karangasem Regency

Not only popular as diving spot in Bali, the view of the beach side in these areas is fabulous. And even the underwater sea view of Tulamben and Amed a lot more wonderful. The most attractive site in this area is the USS Navy Liberty shipwreck that belongs to United States of America.

Nusa Lembongan Island

Nusa Lembongan Island the Heaven for both professional or beginner diver. The divers need a special certificate to do diving in this location. The most popular spot in this area are Blue Corner, Lembongan Bay, and Mangroves area. The most attractive activity here is swimming or diving with Manta Ray or Mola – Mola fish around the colorful coral area.

That is all about the most incredible and beautiful diving spot in Bali Island. Diving could be one of the best Bali adventure activities during your Bali Vacation Tour.