Bali Adventure Rafting is an exciting activity to explore the whitewater river stream using a rubber boat. We can do it at Ayung River and Telaga Waja River. As one of the Bali Adventure Activities option in Bali, river rafting has become one of the popular activity for the tourist who are looking for exciting things to do in Bali. The activity itself will take around 2 – 4 hours to complete depends on track that we take. The track in Ayung River will only take around 2 hours to complete. In Telaga Waja River, we can choose the short track that finish in 2,5 – 3 hours. And the long track is taking around 4 hours.BALI ADVENTURE RAFTING

Bali Adventure Rafting Equipment

Bali Adventure Rafting Equipment – To do whitewater river rafting, we need to prepare some equipment. In general, we can divide the equipment into 2 parts based on its function. The first type of equipment is the safety equipment. The safety equipment is to protect us from any serious injuries. Injuries can happen because of the rocks around the river area. Helmet is the first safety equipment. The rafting helmet is similar with biking helmet but it has no sharp edge. The helmet has hard part on the outside to protect our head. Inside there is Styrofoam and soft foam. There is knee and elbow protector also as part of the safety equipment. The design also similar with the helmet with hard skin and soft part inside.

Rafting tools is the main equipment to do the white river rafting. The main tool is the rubber boat. We need to pump up the rubber with air before using it. The capacity of the rubber boat used normally up to 5 – 7 people on board. The number of the passenger on the boat is very important for the boat balance itself. 5 or 6 people is the best for one boat.

Rafting paddle is also necessary equipment adventure rafting. We need rafting paddle to directing or change the directions of the rafting boat. The rafting paddle usually made of strong stick and having slim and wide area on its edge. That wide and slim part of the paddle that used to control the boat. Such as changing the directions, speed up, or slowing down the rubber boat.

Bali Adventure Rafting Package

Bali Adventure Rafting Package. To do white river rafting in Bali, you do not need to bring your own rafting equipment. The adventure operator in Bali offered Bali River Rafting Package including the tools. And of course with safety equipment as well for the guest. All you need to do is prepare your adrenaline during the activity. You may also combine the rafting activity with sightseeing tour afterwards by choosing one of the Bali Combination Tour Package. Bagus Tour Service is offering Bali Private Tour for the tourist who would like to have exciting holiday in Bali. Our Bali tour driver will accompany your trip in Bali.