Bali Dolphin Tour Package 2 Itinerary is Wild Dolphin Sightseeing with Ulun Danu Bratan Temple and Eka Karya Botanical Garden. It is focus in Bedugul area after finished the Doplhin Watch at Lovina Beach. The amazing Dolphin is jumping on the sea water at sunrise time will combine with Ulun Danu Temple and Eka Karya Botanical Garden in Bedugul area. Both sites are closed each other located on the top of Bedugul Mountain.

Bali Dolphin Tour Package 2 Itinerary Wild Dolphin Sightseeing With Ulun Danu Bratan Temple And Eka Karya Botanical Garden

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Bali Dolphin Tour Package 2 Itinerary

Itinerary Details:

  • Pick up at hotel around 3.00 am early morning (based on your hotel location)
  • Dolphin Hunt with camera using traditional boat
  • Breakfast on the beach side
  • Visit Ulun Danu Temple at Bedugul area
  • Buffet lunch with Bratan Lake view
  • Explore Eka Karya Garden
  • Tasting Luwak Coffee and other Balinese spices at Coffee Plantation
  • Back to hotel

Bali Dolphin Tour Package 2 Itinerary Details

Bali Dolphin Tour Package 2 itinerary will start by hotel pick up in the very early morning around 3.00 am by our Bali tour driver (pick up time based on your hotel location). We have to start to depart to Lovina Beach in Buleleng Regency due the Dolphin Hunt will be started at 6.00 am during the sunrise time. When we arrived at Lovina Beach as the Dolphin Hunt start point, we need to take traditional boat with local and professional boat driver. Sunrise time is a perfect time to watch the Dolphins jumping on the sea water due those time they are hunting smaller fish and the temperature is suitable for them which not too hot but they can have sun shine.

Finish the boat tour, we are going to have light breakfast on the Lovina Beach side. On the way back to South direction, we will stop at Bedugul area for a while. Now we are going to visit Ulun Danu Bratan Temple with its beautiful views and then followed by having a buffet lunch with view of the Bratan Lake. After finished the lunch, we are going to explore Botanical Garden with its varieties of rare and unique plantation collections. The last stop is Luwak Coffee Plantation to refresh us with introduction of our local plantation and tasting the famous Luwak Coffee and other Balinese spices.

Information of each sites in Bali Dolphin Tour Package 2 we are going to visit:

Lovina Beach is located in North part of Bali, Buleleng Regency. This beach is long wide black sandy beach that becomes main tourist area of North Bali. It has black sand on the beach due to the eruption of the volcano mountain in the past. To reach the area from Denpasar, it will take about 2.5 – 3 hours driving. This is where we are going to hunt the Dolphins by camera using the traditional boat.

Dolphin is a Mammalia that live in the sea which means they are not categorized as ordinary fish. Instead of having eggs for reproduction, they are giving birth to dolphin child like us so they are categorized as a Mammalia. They are always jumping on the sea water level during the sunrise time because they feel it is not too hot yet to hunt the smaller fish as food around top water level. Usually the live with large number of groups so once you see one Dolphins, you will see plenty of them around you.

Ulun Danu Temple

Ulun Danu Bratan Temple is located in Candi Kuning Village, Tabanan Regency 50 km away from Denpasar Capital City to the North. The Temple is one of nine important Temples or “Pura Kahyangan Jagat” which scattered in nine directions around Bali Island. In historical, I Gusti Agung Putu build this temple on 1634 years (general calendar). Or 1556 Caka calendar (Balinese calendar). It was made in order as the place for the Hindus in Bali to express our gratitude to Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa (Hindus main God) in his manifestation as Tri Murti (Brahma, Wisnu, and Siwa).

It purposed to be the place where the local Hindus asking for blessing from the God for the balance of the human life with nature and well grown plantation and its product. Ulun Danu Bratan is popular for its unique and beautiful architecture. It is because the main Ulun Danu Temple is situated inside the lake area on the lake water level. The main temple connected to the land area by small bridge which connecting 2 different small parts of the main temple. Due to its uniqueness and beauty, the picture of Ulun Danu Bratan was chosen as the icon picture of IDR 50.000 bank notes.

Botanical Garden

Eka Karya Garden is located in Bedugul Mountain. Situated on the high latitude, the garden has a compatible weather to be plantation conservation center. Name of “Eka Karya” was proposed by I Made Taman which comes from “Eka” means one or first and “Karya” means product of work. Eka Karya supposed to have meaning as the first botanical garden which built by Indonesian Government independently after suffering a lot in colonialism. There are 3 others botanical garden in Indonesia which located in Java but they were built in the colonial era. As a botanical conservation center, it has varieties of exotic plantation such as orchids, bamboos, begonia, medicinal plants, cactus, and many others. With 157.5 hectares area, the Botanical Garden become one of the favorite holiday destination of the local people and foreigners especially those who loved to see the beauty plantation types.

Luwak Coffee Plantation

You can find coffee plantation all over Bali. They will give a short farm tour about our local plantation, spices products, especially famous Luwak Coffee. Luwak Coffee produced from coffee beans found inside Luwak’s poop. It is because the Luwak animal has a great sense of choosing coffee bean. And also will only eat the best quality ones. The process inside the Luwak stomach won’t damage the coffee bean but reducing the level of caffeine in the coffee. The process also change the taste of coffee produced later on. Other than Luwak coffee, you might also tasting other local spices. Such as lemongrass tea, ginger tea, mangosteen tea, Robusta coffee, Arabica coffee, and etc.

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