Bali Indonesia Tour

Bali Indonesia Tour –  Confused why this article titled Bali Indonesia Tour? Many people did not notice that Bali itself is the part of Indonesia and also it is more famous than the country itself. So many people than think the Island of Gods is an independent country but actually it does not. So, why the tour program is called Bali Indonesia Tour when it is a part of the country. It is because when you do the trip around this country, you will always come to the island of Paradise. This land is one of most popular tourist destinations around the globe. That island is the queen of tourism industry even from when the land was colonialized by Netherland 400 years ago. So, when the people do this tour basically it is about visiting Island of Thousand Temples and then combined with other areas of Indonesia wherever is it. As an archipelago, this country has thousands of islands and probably the biggest archipelago country in term of its number of islands. There are some islands which has specialties in tourism industry such as Komodo Island as the real isolated living place of remaining dragon animal called Komodo, Raja Ampat islands which famous for its beauty of underwater sea and favorite place for diving and snorkeling activities, Java island as the mainland of the country that could give you overview of the country and have some historical sites such as Borobudur Buddhist Temple and Prambanan Hindus Temple, and of course The Island of Thousand Temples which has already developed as the main tourist destination due to it has cultural tourism like temples and arts, nature environmental tourism like waterfalls and beautiful beaches, and even also has nightlife party in Kuta and Seminyak area for those loved to drinks in the bar on the night time.

Bali Indonesia Tour Plan

Bali Indonesia Tour Plan will need longer time because you are going to visit different islands and it is a long trip for sure. This type of trip match with people or tourist who has long term holiday, retired people, youngster who do backpacker trip, in general a person who are not in busy working time because the time needed to do journey at least 2 weeks with non –  stop activity every day. A very good stamina and condition will be required as well especially if the tourist is doing this trip with non – stop activity. If you are not in a good condition you will not enjoy the trip well so prepare a good stamina for it.

Bali Indonesia Tour Cost

If we compared the Bali Indonesia tour cost with an ordinary one day trip program of course it will cost much more higher. It is because you will do longer time journey so you have to pay more site entrances as well. Most people doing this trip will join group tour package which travelling with big numbers of tourist to have cheaper transport fee. They will also choose the group tour package which included the hotel charge, all time meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), air plane tickets, inter island boat transfer fee, Bali tour driver and site entrances. This will make the travelling cost more predictable and avoid you spend all of your travelling budget before the journey is finish. One more thing you need to note is avoid to bring useless thing because you will only stay in the same hotel for one or two nights so no need to packing and unpacking useless thing from your luggage that will wasting your time.

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