Bali Tour Guide

Bali Tour Guide – During a holiday, some people are choosing to go somewhere they never visited before. The reason is because they want to see and experience something new to refresh their mood and brain. One of the famous holiday destination is the Island of Thousand Temples. This place is a very complex tourist destination. Almost every guest needs in order to have a great and memorable experiences is available in here accompanied by Bali tour driver. When the tourist want to have party, all they need is to go to Kuta or Seminyak area where many pubs, bars with life music heats up the air on the night time. If the tourist want to have sun tanning on the exotic white sandy beach, those beaches are spread all over from Sanur, Nusa Dua, Uluwatu, Jimbaran, Kuta, and Seminyak. If the visitors want to explore more about what the island has, it is the time for the day trip in Bali. Some of the trip agencies provide driver only to accompany the guest but some also provide driver with another Bali Tour Guide to explain more about the island and is existed here. The one that highlighted the most by the guide when accompany the guest is the cultural side. The cultural things in here of course has its own uniqueness than other places. Without them, the tourist has been confused and not understand clearly of the meanings of our symbol, historical story or legend about the tourist sites, traditional religion ritual steps and meaning, and of course rules and norm that applied in here. Even though they are highlighted the cultural side the most, they will also accompany the tourist through some environmental visits like the rice terrace system called Subak, trekking up to the volcano mountain top, or even only shows you nice beaches to swim at.

Bali Tour Guide License

Not every people can be a Bali tour guide as they want. They need to accomplish some competency tests to get Bali Tour Guide license. The license itself also has some levels start from beginner level, junior level, and senior level. If they want to increase their level, they need to wait one or two years after the previous license was published. It is because of they need to have enough experience in this field before taking next level exam. That is why who has a license normally will have a good standard of service.

Bali Tour Guide Booking

To have a guide to accompany you in your journey will also cost you more money because you pay for more people other than the driver. Bali tour guide booking can be requested in tour company. You may also choose which level of guide you want to have but of course higher level will cost you higher and it also based on their availability. Would be much better if you accompanied by a person who are real local people because the real local people will understand about the island very well and they do the ritual in their daily life so they can explain all the things you need to know.

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