Bali Wood Carving at Mas Village is a popular traditional art in Bali. The quality and details of the statue carved from wood has esthetic value that only you can find in this village. The wood carving artisans got their talent since they were born as most of the villagers are wood carver. Mas Village is part of Ubud area. It is well known that Ubud area is the center of arts in Bali, including wood carving.


In Ubud area you may find a lot of different art types. In center of Ubud all those arts were sold in the market of in the art galleries. But the unique thing of Ubud is the arts that you find there is not made in the Ubud center area. They were made in several small villages surrounding the Ubud center area. And also each of those villages focused in one type of arts. In this case, Mas Village is focus on making wood carving. In this village, you not only can see the product. You also can visit the workshop where the carver works.

Bali Wood Carving Products

Carving products from wood is divided into several categories. From the quality it can be categorized as low, medium, and high quality. It is categorized based on the wood used for the carving, the level and experience of the carver, and also the finishing touch. There are several levels of wood carver as well. The lowest level is student and usually they only can produce simple – low quality of carving. The next level is master. Master level is medium level skill of carving when the carver already mastering the basic of carving. They normally also can do the difficult carving and trained for some time. The highest level is teacher. This level of carver made the highest quality of wood carving. And at the same time they also have become a trainer or teacher for the student level carver.

Mas Village Location

As per mentioned previously, Mas is part of Ubud area. It is located only 10 minutes away from the center Ubud, where the Ubud Palace and traditional market located. From Denpasar you only need about 45 minute drive. You may visit this village if you are doing Ubud Tour Itinerary or Kintamani Tour Itinerary.  For more details of Bali Private Tour that visiting interesting sites like this, you may contact Bagus Tour Service. Our Bali tour driver will take you around the island of paradise.