Bali ATV Adventure is one of the Bali Adventure Activities in the island. This activity is exploring the jungle, forest, and other beauty nature in Bali Island. You will ride the quad bike designed for extreme landscape with off road style tire type. The track you are going pass through also will have several different obstacles along the way.BALI ATV ADVENTURE

ATV stands for All Terrain Vehicle. It is mean that this vehicle were made to overcome extreme track condition. Basically the vehicle is made for hard condition. For example muddy road, jungle exploration, and etc. Bali ATV Ride normally is the activity for the tourist in Bali that wants to do some adventure activities.

Bali ATV Adventure Itinerary

The itinerary for this activity is start with pick up from your hotel. You may choose private or sharing pick up arrangement. Private pick up will cost slightly more expensive but it gives you more privacy. Sharing pick up will be cheaper and sometime it is complimentary service from the activity provider. Once you arrive at the start point, you need to do registration for the payment and insurance cover. Then you will do short preparation such as wearing safety equipment, boots, and etc.

Before you start to explore the jungle, you will get some instruction on how to handle the bike and the track properly. The instructor also will guide you through the exploration. There are several track type you will pass through. In the beginning you will pass easy road through the village area. It make you use to the bike before you do the extreme track condition,  then the harder track passing by muddy soil, crossing the river, and etc. Jungle exploration takes approximately about 2 hours and then you will be back to the start point. After you back to start point you may clean up yourself and change your clothes. Before get back to hotel, you may enjoy buffet lunch provided by the company.

Combination Activity

You may do Bali Combination Tour with ATV ride activity and sightseeing tour afterward. The possible option is Ubud Tour Itinerary or Kintamani Tour Itinerary due the location of ATV activity. For more detail about the price and other things related to this activity, please contact Bagus Tour Service. Our Bali tour driver will pick you up and drop you off back to your hotel.