How To Arrange Nice Trip Itinerary in Bali On Your Holiday?

Most of the tourist will have question about “how to arrange nice trip itinerary in Bali”. Here we will share our experience and knowledge as professional Bali tour driver that awarded certificate of excellent from Tripadvisor. As we know, Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Visiting this area is very interesting because it offers cultural experience and wonderful nature sites. But do you know what sites and attractions are exists in this island? For any questions, I am very please to discuss and give you personal advice for your Bali Vacation through my contact stated at the end of this page. How To Arrange Nice Trip Itinerary in Bali On Your Holiday

Categorizing The Type Of Destinations You Like Will Maximize Your Journey

What do I mean by categorizing the type of destinations? For your information, Bali Island has various types of attractions and sites. From all those sites, I categorize them into 3 general categories based on their own characteristic. They are nature beauty sites, cultural sites, and activities. What is the importance of categorizing the sites? It is to focus your trip purpose based on your interest. Either you just interested with natural things only or you are interested in cultural experience.

How To Arrange A Good And Efficient Trip Itinerary In Bali?

Here is the most important point of planning the trip before you go. As a tour driver, I saw a lot of mistakes in arrange the trip plan. Some tourist arranges their plan based on what they wanted to see but do not care about the location. Yes it is important to list your sites but visiting the sites in the same area in single trip will maximize your time. Here is my suggestion on how to plan the trip itinerary:

First, you have to list the sites you are going to visit in Bali. Second, you have to find out the location of each site. Visit destinations in different location may spend a lot of your time on the road so it is not a good thing to do. Then figure out the open hour of each site you are going to visit. It is very important to come to the attractions or sites on their opening hours, otherwise you will not be able to enjoy it. It is because some attractions only available in very specific time of the day. For example Barong Dance is performing at 9.30 am and finish at 10.30 am. So if you are interested to watch the dance you have to put it as first attraction of the day.

The most efficient journey is visiting the sites based on their locations. It will not be convenient for you to spend too much time just to reach the next destinations. It will be much better to visit the closer sites first and then continue to next one. Or, more a nice trip itinerary in Bali base on proper timing and efficient journey.